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Water Damage Testimonials

Jake and the entire team were incredible! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We highly recommend them.

We had water damage come in and as most insurance companies are a nightmare to work with they sent us Jake he called immediately after receiving the information for our house set up an appointment and was there by the next day!
He was so professional and answered all of our questions with patience and honesty he helped us with the entire process! He kept us updated on arrival times and took time every time he was there to ensure that all my additional questions and concerns were answered. We were so grateful to him for all his help and wish we could of used him for the rebuild process! Definitely recommend Jake for all your services!

Our experience with Jake from SERVPRO was above the call of duty. He kept us informed about the procedures was professional and personable at each visit to our home. Thank you so much to everyone: Jacob, Jake, and Jason. You are awesome, will recommend SERVPRO to everyone, neighbors, and family members.

Late at night we noticed there was water coming in our basement. It flooded my parents’ room my sisters bedroom the hallway the living room bathroom and part of the storage room. The carpets were absolutely soaked and water was standing in the bathroom. I called SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte Co and Jake showed up at 10:30 at night and then wet vacuumed all the water and set up dehumidifiers. These guys came back the next day and took out the carpet, and every day or every other day after that until it was all completely dry. They did an absolutely excellent job! I highly recommend them.

We had a pretty good sewage backup in our basement. Matt, Jake and all crews did an amazing job cleaning and tearing out flooring, carpet and some drywall, and then hauled it all away. It was a stressful event in the middle of harvest, but they’ve done all they can to make it easier. The best part is knowing my house is disinfected and the mess is gone. We highly recommend them. Thank you all so much.

I've used SERVPRO of Leavenworth and NW Wyandotte County for two different insurance claims. They had spectacular service and responsiveness in both cases. SERVPRO worked with the buyer of my property to coordinate upgrades and kitchen improvements while they performed the restoration. They also worked seamlessly with my insurance company. Drew Gregory was their point man and he was timely and professional in all instances. I highly recommend SERVPRO when the unthinkable strikes your property and you need a timely, professional, and quality response.

I just want to thank the SERVPRO team of Jake, Taz, Eric, Brad, and Drew. Late yesterday I got home from work and found that I had a major water line break in my house. SERVPRO arrived at my home shortly after I notified them late yesterday. They were back early this morning and worked all day long removing bags and bags of debris from my home. This team is doing an amazing job of cleaning up and drying out my home. They will continue to be here until the job is complete. They have been nothing but kind, caring, trustworthy, and have taken great care in respecting my home along with my belongings. Jake has informed me throughout the day of damage that is found and how repairs will be made. I couldn’t ask for a better team to help me out in such a time of need. This company is amazing! I highly recommend SERVPRO.

I called SERVPRO last Wednesday at 7:50 am for water damage from my ice maker & they were at my house by 9:15. Erick was calm, professional & so knowledgeable. He explained the reasons for everything they did & I felt very comfortable with his advice. He explained all the computer paperwork thoroughly. Jake came daily after that to monitor the dryness & humidity levels of my house. He always called ahead to tell me a precise time that he would arrive, answered all my questions & really went above & beyond. I would call them again in a heartbeat & can't rate them highly enough!

My mom had a sewer backup in her basement. SERVPRO was there within a few hours, came the next day to meet with the insurance adjuster, and started cleanup immediately. The process took several days. Everyone was very professional, polite, on time. and knowledgeable. Very easy to work with and accommodating. Awesome company!! Thank you to Andy, William, Tony, Terry, Matt, and Drew.

We used SERVPRO because they were an accredited provider of our insurance company...an arranged marriage so to speak. We had water damage on the main level and finished basement, requiring remediation of drywall, insulation, hardwood floors and carpet. The crew was professional and answered all questions. Eric Rice was our tech. When the plumber came out to fix the leak, the fix didn't work. It was Eric that noticed the issue, brought it to our attention and prevented further loss and extension of the repair process. Fortunately, we got a second plumber to come out and the leak was fixed...but it was Eric that caught it.

We received the following letter yesterday:

SERVPRO Management,

I am writing to let you know that the technician that came to repair our water damage was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed Jake and he was very personable and knowledgeable about his job. He was courteous and explained everything he was doing. He put us at ease in a stressful time for us. I just wanted to let you know you should be proud to employ such a great young man. He went above and beyond and if we ever need this type of service again he will be the reason we use your company.


I recommend James and Mary. They were on time and very professional. I was able to joke with them and have a great experience. I would recommend them to everybody. I am on a fixed income and they worked with me. Thank you for your service!

Everything was explained in clear and easily understood terms. Response time was excellent. I would recommend SERVPRO without hesitation. James Jones was particularly noteworthy.

Eric was as nice as he could be. All of the workers did a great job too. They showed patience when I asked a few of the questions 100x's or more! Good job!!!

Eric was awesome! He worked really hard and did a wonderful job!

Jake, John and Tyler did a great job, especially Jake the crew chief. Good communication to coordinate our schedules, and really went the extra mile.

The team was forthcoming and helpful during a stressful process. Work was completed quickly and efficiently.

This is the 2nd time within a 2yr period of time that we have been hit by a sewer back up/flood. :/  After hiring SERVPRO the 1st time I only wanted SERVPRO to do the job a 2nd time. I was MOST impressed with Jake Mitchell....He is one of the most professional young men that I've ever met. I commend you for his representation of your company! He really makes you look good. Also.... A shout out to Emma who came out on the last day to help Jake with the final sanitation :-) she can do the work of four men! Love her to! Thank you again for living up to your name "SERVPRO" definitely out shines the rest!!! Bless you guys 

These folks are at our home now cleaning up mold and wet sheet rock after a leak. They are so professional and reliable! Mary will give you the best hug as they carry all your favorite items to be dumped. Wonderful folks!

In February a city pipe collapsed and the sewer backed up into my basement.  I had purchased the sewer insurance through BPU, but they were no help whatsoever (another story).  BPU ended up coming to the house and clearing out the pipes, but my basement carpet and walls had suffered severe water and sewage damage.  I was told the city (KCK) would pay for the repairs, but I was on my own with the clean up.  I called SERVPRO the next morning, and they sent someone out to check out the damage.  He contacted a crew that was in the field, and they came by to start work.  They were courteous and very professional.  I was especially impressed with Jake Mitchell.  His knowledge and expertise were extensive, and he took the time to give me some advice on how to prevent further back ups, as well as additional clean up advice.  They cleaned up the mess and removed all the damaged items.  They were also extremely patient and understanding regarding payment.  The City and BPU insurance ultimately paid for the damage, but SERVPRO worked with me on their end so I didn't have to take out a loan to make sure they got paid.  The service isn't cheap, but they did a great job and made my home livable again.  I would recommend them to anyone.

From a customer that had a water damage in their home:

Very couteous; excellent customer service! I truly felt like customer satisfaction was at the top of your list.  

This is a wonderful service. This was a stressful situation but awesome Jake and his crew did everything in their power to alleviate all my worries and concerns. It was such a positive experience and I would highly recommend SERVPRO and especially adorable rock star Jake.

My Compliments on such a well-trained crew at SERVPRO. Your guys came into the branch and went right to work setting up the necessary equipment to remove the water and clean up the mess created by the break in the sprinkler system. With all the chaos in the branch they were very attentive to the staff and customers, making sure to take care of the situation at hand while remaining "out of the way".

Donna Verdejo, District Manager, VP, Kansas District

We came home to water raining down on our first floor entryway from a burst pipe on our second floor. Water soaked through our hardwood floor, ceiling, walls and carpet. SERVPRO dried our home and saved our carpet, hardwood floors, and the majority of our walls and woodwork. SERVPRO’s experienced team kept our disaster from being much worse. I felt assured that my home was in hands I could trust.

Once I understood the process I was very pleased. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to friends and family.